St Pete/Petersburg Florida ( long weekend )

It has been over a year or so since the last time I was on a plane. We were invited to a wedding in Treasure Island/St Pete Florida and so we decided to add few days to check out the place before the main event. I wanted to share this trip since this is the first time since the pandemic that we were close to having a normal vacay.

Day 1: We landed in Tampa and rented a car for the weekend. We took the earliest flight out from BWI. Our first stop was for brunch at Cassis St Pete and from the airport it was about 25 mins.

This restaurant is 2 blocks away from the new St Pete Pier. They have restaurants, local markets and discovery center for kids. Also a really nice playground and waterpark for free but we didn’t bring our daughter so I was sad cuz she would have loved it here.


I ordered: Pancakes with blueberries, poppy seed and lemon ricotta.

B ordered: Avocado Toast with egg and bacon.

Then after brunch we took a stroll towards St Pete Pier and Downtown.

Lunch: We wanted to eat and have few drinks right by the water. We went to Fresco Waterfront Grill and its located right before you enter the pier. We were seated after a quick 10 min wait and we ordered Ceviche, Mussels and some Moscow Mules/sangria.

Tip: During busy season you can’t make any reservations online.


Dinner: Pia’s Tratoria located at Gulfport Beach Florida and it felt like we were in Italy. The setting and the food reminded me of when we spent few days in Capri. The specials change every two weeks and for dinner they had swordfish lightly breaded on top of pasta. Delicious! Then we also ordered pasture raised breaded chicken on salad. For dessert we had Panna Cotta with cappuccino.


Gulfport Florida is like one of those little towns that you would read in a romcom book. They had restaurants, bars and shops along the beach. It was a really cute place. But like any other beach town everything closes early ( shops I mean).

Day 2: Early day for kayaking. We did a 9am kayak tour with GetUpandGo Clear Kayak to Shell Key Preserve. What a treat for us. Not only was it fun but we did our workout paddling 3 miles. We saw a dolphin and if you love birds.. then you’d be in heaven. They had so much in this preservation. The tour company we used gets pretty booked up in advanced so I suggest to book early and if you can, ask for Jenna to be your guide. She was really knowledgeable about the island ( a pure local).

Shell Key Preserve:

The only way you can access this island is by boat/kayak/ferry. The ferry cannot take you to the shell trees. Only the kayak tour can do that or you can also just rent a boat.

Lunch: The loading dock for our tour was conveniently located in a restaurant so of course right after paddling we ate there. They had really good food and fresh seafood. The view wasn’t bad also.

Billys StoneCrab Grill: $$

Day 3: The wedding day. We didn’t have much time to do anything since the wedding was today. We did have lunch at this famous smoked fish house. Delish!

Ted Peter’s Famous Smoked Fish house: cash only. $$ *They have been open for over 50 years. They got famous with the mullet smoked fish and they recently added mahi mahi/mackerel/salmon.

Wedding: Beach at sunset.

This is the first beach wedding I’ve attended. Ceremony was held on the beach so I made sure my shoes were appropriate. I wore espadrilles in nude to match my hat and bag. It was such a lovely day to end our mini get away and I can’t wait to go home and see our baby girl.

Accomodations: Crystal Bay Hotel: $$ centrally located between Treasure Island and St Pete/Petersburg. It’s a historic bed and breakfast.

“bind.” (part of “WITHIN.” series by BeMoreMEdia)

“We are not trapped by our thoughts.

What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.”

– Joshua David Stone


This past summer, we decided to do another editorial series.  This time, we wanted a darker, edgier, and more emotional look.  We decided to do a series called “WITHIN.” and these pictures are a part of a mini collection that make up the series.

This mini collection is called, “bind.” because we are often trapped within ourselves by emotions that we sometimes create;  and those can be the toughest kind of binds to break away from.

Society dictates what is right and wrong and can often limit us on what we want to say, feel or do.

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” Ursula ” by BeMoreMedia and TravelAnneStyle


Ursula is a part human / part octopus sea witch that, “helps,” the unfortunate merfolk achieve their goals, with her motives at the forefront.  She is Disney’s famous villain that made a deal with  Ariel; ( The Little Mermaid ) she agreed to turn her  into a human for three days.  If Ariel can receive the, “kiss of true love,” from Prince Eric before sunset on the third day, her transformation will be permanent. However, if Ariel fails, she will turn back into a mermaid and belong to Ursula forever. But there’s always a price, and in this case, Ariel will have to pay Ursula with her voice to gain her human legs.

As part of the beauty editorial series we have planned for this summer we wanted to share the second villain, Ursula.  For this photo-shoot we worked with one of the most talented and sought after dancers in LA, Ms. Carlena Britch.  She is an artist of many talents; from dance/choreography,  make up, hair, style, and nail art; she has a TON going for her!


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Girl meets BOY!!!!!!

girl meets boy Jcrew

Girl Meets BOY…

I was recently at Jcrew this weekend and I saw their catalog.  They featured a ” borrow from the boys ” kind of editorial for their summer collection.  I got inspired and decided I should do one since my style really does have a dose of boyish feel to it.  So where can I steal some boy clothes?? Obviously my hubby’s closet.  For this blog I chose 4 things that is easy to borrow from your significant other.

1.  his Button Down

h&m button down

h&m girl meets boy

I paired his button up with one of my slouchy black shorts and my wedges.  I would just add a black blazer then it could be a new take on a summer suit.

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Express

Wedge: Wythe NY

Bag: My own design  made of Nubuck leather

2. his Sweater

Jcrew sweater

girl meets boy Jcrew sweater

I paired his sweater with my silk pants  and a white tank.  It is perfect for summer nights when it gets a bit chilly.

Sweater: Jcrew

Silk Cargo: Jcrew

white tank: Madewell

3. his Shorts

girl meets boy shorts

girl meets boy shorts

This pair of shorts was purchased from the men’s section at H&M because B would not be caught wearing these itty bitty shorts.  But we can really borrow our boy’s shorts every now and then.  I love the slouchy comfy feel of it and you can pair it anything from sweaters, tanks or tees.

Shorts: H&M

Sweater: Jcrew

Sandals: Renly

4.  his Watch


This is actually the easiest thing to steal from your man and very trendy right now.  I chose his Timex for this look and I just added some bangles to add my own touch to it.

Watch: Timex

Tank: Madewell

Cargo: Jcrew

The next time you run out of outfit ideas and really have no time to go and shop,  just go straight to his closet and steal a few things.

photo cred:


SKORT-ing around town!!!!!!!

With my Celine

Skorts are back!

What the hell is a Skort? A skort is pretty much a skirt and shorts in one.  I remembered I had a pair of white skorts when I was a freshman in high school which was back in the 90’s.  When I saw this pair at Zara it brought me back to my teen years.  They are the most comfortable skirt/shorts I have ever owned and can be both casual or dressy.  Unfortunately, Zara only has them available  in black now. I was lucky that I was able to get this.  The white pair became popular with most of the fashion bloggers.  I love how everyone wears it so differently.  I wanted to dress it up a bit so I wore heels with my skorts.

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