Backpackin’ in style!




Mansur Gavriel

March 19th was the big day for fans of the brand.  The most infamous bag for the season re stocked their online store and introduced new colors for the new collection.  I have been a fan since beginning of last year and to think this brand only started 2013.  Let me tell you a little something about MG.

Founders Rachel MANSUR and Floriana GAVRIEL launched the most popular Bucket Bag in early 2013.  There popular bucket style bag had all the fashion bloggers, editors and street stylists head over heels for a piece.  Like many great ideas, their idea to do a handbag line was because they felt there was a need to have a good contemporary priced bag; that also held a good value.  The main thing that I fell in love with is its clean and classic design that was paired with reasonable price tag.  Most of the bags range between $400-1000.  Of course I had my doubts before getting the bag as I had yet to see it in person.  I took a chance and purchased the backpack 2 weeks ago.  When I received it, it exceeded my expectations. It came in this beautiful baby pink box with its own dust bag.  For the price, I’d never expect the presentation to be that great.  My Celine bag didn’t even come with a box and that was triple the price of this bag.  So, for that I am definitely and will forever be a fan of Mansur Gavriel.

This blog is to show how gorgeous this backpack is. We went to shoot this in our favorite little town, Travel Town in Griffith Park.

( All photos shot by my amazing husband, Luis Guanzon of He also purchased this bag for me for my birthday present. )










**I love my hair in this picture.  I am super happy I found an awesome hairstylist here in LA. Ms. Vicky Vee did an amazing job on my hair. I never had it this short and I love it.

instagram: _vickyvee_




I hope you all enjoyed this post about this one beautiful backpack. The main reason I wanted this is for my travels. I find it way more convenient to have my hands free when I go on trips and it took awhile to actually find a great backpack.  The ones I wanted ( The Row ) were too expensive or too much logo (LV). I think this is the best thing out there if you’re in need of this style of bag. Its very clean design makes it look more luxurious than other brands.

I would like to thank my hubby for shooting this blog for me. If you need some bombing photos check out:

Instagram: BeMoreMEdia

outfit details:

top: Topshop

skirt: Jcrew


Christian Louboutin espradrilles

My very first pair of Louboutins I purchased in 2010.

( random fact: The very first wedged espadrilles were made by YSL in the 70’s.)

sunnies: Vintage Nina Ricci


6 thoughts on “Backpackin’ in style!

  1. I am thinking of buying this for the same reason of travelling. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I want to know how tall you are? What size is your bag (small or large)? And whether you find it suitable for your size/height? I also plan to buy the camello colour. Have you noticed the bag changing its colour darker or picking up scratches?

    1. I got the bigger size. It’s pretty good size for travel. I use it also for weekend getaway and a lot of my stuff fits. The bag does scratch so easily and changes color especially if it gets wet but I don’t mind it. The color will age good.

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