Figlia/Figliarina and BeMoreMedia/TravelAnneStyle


” You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy shoes.”

I wanted to share the photos of our very first international fashion photo-shoot with one of the premier shoe brand in the Philippines, FIGLIA/FIGLIARINA.

I was the creative director/style consultant and my hubby ( Luis Guanzon of ) as the main photographer.

Location: Ortigas Philippines

Models: Sirene Sutton and Anna Rabtsun

Stylist: Sancho Bernardo

Makeup: Ehmjay Bornales

Hair: Jovit Sanguyo

** Some of the images were also published in one of the biggest fashion magazine in the country, Mega Magazine.


** this was the last shot of the day and was my favorite. This was also the last outfit I put together. My hubby and I work so well that He saw my vision of this outfit.  I wanted a more modern and sleek style that it matched perfectly with  the location he chose.  The clean lines of the steps and the very white background just made the entire picture looked even better.


**This was one of the first photos published.  In order to capture this shot I had to literally throw the back of the dress while Luis trying to capture it.  This was a lot of the team’s fave shot. This dress actually had a longer front but I decided to tuck it in to make it seemed like it was a bathing suit/gown.











We had a total of 10 outfits, 2 pair of shoes each outfits but the rest have not been edited. These were the company’s selections to be used for 2014 AD campaign for Figlia and Figliarina.

We want to thank Joey Enriquez for trusting us with their vision.

Check out the website for some amazing shoes.


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