Sleeping Beauty.. Princess Aurora by TravelAnneStyle and BeMoreMedia


Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora was born to King Stefan and Queen Leah.  This is the girl that was cursed by Maleficent on her Christening Day.  On her 16th birthday she would prick her finger from a spindle and would die but was saved by one of the fairies and instead would sleep for all eternity until she is awakened by true love’s kiss.  I loved that Elle Fanning was chosen to play her in the movie Maleficent opposite Angelina Jolie.

** check out our Maleficent shoot



For our last Princess  of our Disney inspired editorial we chose Ms. Sarah Blades to be Aurora.  She is an amazing ballerina and it was such a surprise that she was actually from Maryland.  We wanted someone to have the same look as Elle Fanning; sweet, innocent and youthful and Sarah was perfect.



To stay within the theme of the Princesses, I chose another outfit from Topshop.  I wanted the same feel of modern and simplicity which is the exact opposite of The Queens.  I love this outfit on her.

outfit details:

top: Topshop

skirt: Topshop

jewels: From my own collection



Princess Aurora was raised by the fairies in the woods to protect her from danger until she reached her 16th birthday.  So for the hair, I wanted to bring out the nature element and used paper vines I found at Michaels.  I once again worked with my favorite hairstylist Ms Vicky Vee.  She did an amazing side braid and used the vines around it to add what I was looking for; more ethereal feel.

instagram: _vickyvee_




For her make up I wanted it to be sweet and natural.  I can always trust on my go-to talented make up artist for most of our projects, Ms Larke Hasstedt.  She chose a  pinkish shade for Sarah and it turned out exactly as I imagined.

instagram: Alottalarke


I really enjoyed this project and thank you for taking your time to check out our work.  I want to thank everyone involved in this editorial and for helping us make it into reality.

We love you all!!!

B and Anne

instagram: BeMoreMedia


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