The Little Mermaid by TravelAnneStyle and BeMoreMedia

Little Mermaid


 The Little Mermaid is another famous fairytale that Disney recreated in  1989 but the story was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen.  It is a story about a young mermaid who gave up her life at sea to be able to fall in love with a human Prince.  She gave up her voice for a pair of human legs.  Then she has 3 days to win the heart of the Prince.  This is probably my ultimate favorite Disney Princess.  For this shoot we wanted to capture Ariel in our own element.  What Ariel would look like in person.


When we first met Deirdre Barnes with her flaming red hair we knew right then and there that she would be perfect as Ariel.  She was one of the people that inspired us to do this Disney editorial of villains and princesses.  Deirdre is one of the top dancers in LA.  She is also a part of the group The Aqualillies.

“Aqualillies is the world’s most glamorous synchronized swimming entertainment company, reinventing the classic art for the new millennium. Diving off the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and The New York Times, Aqualillies has become synonymous with classic beauty, sexy sophistication, luxury and style”


For the look I was able to pull from Valentina Azul and used her beautiful jeweled brassiere for the shoot.  It was hard to find an amazing mermaid emerald green skirt to capture Ariel’s tail so I decided to use the green in the jewels.

outfit details: Brassiere designed by Valentina Azul

Shorts: Zara

jewels: Vintage collection




We worked with our go-to ladies again for this editorial.

hair: Vicky Vee

( IG _vickyvee_ )

Make up: Larke Hasstedt


model: Deirdre Barnes


Like always, we wanted to do a luxury brand spec ad for this shoot.  My vintage Louis Vuitton clutch was perfect for Ariel.  A girl that loves the human world and kept a collection of the finest things.  You cant go anything more fine than Louis Vuitton.


photographer: Luis Guanzon

instagram BeMoreMedia

creative director/Stylist: Anne Guanzon

Hair: Vicky Vee

instagram _vickyvee_

Makeup: Larke Hasstedt

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