“The EVIL QUEEN” by TravelAnneStyle and BEMOREMEDIA

The Evil Queen


The Evil Queen or also known as, “Wicked Queen,” is the main villain in the fairy tale, “Snow White.”  She is a vindictive stepmother who is obsessed about being, ” the fairest of the land.” She owns a, “magical mirror,” that told her that her step daughter, Snow White, has surpassed her beauty.  She became so jealous of Snow White that she ordered one of her huntsman to kill her in the forbidden dark forest.  The Hunstman pitied Snow White and let her go.  When The Queen found out that Snow White was still alive, she decided to take it upon herself to kill her.  She used her dark powers to transform herself into an old lady and gave Snow White a poisoned apple to eliminate her.

For this shoot we worked with the beautiful Maria Foti.  She is one of the first talented dancers/choreographers here in LA that we met when we moved here to LA 9 months ago.  When I thought of adding Snow White and the Evil Queen to our editorial series, I imagined Maria to be the Queen.  She has that royal look to her and I thought she would be perfect.

The Evil QUeen by BemoreMedia and Travelannestyle

I wanted her to look as regal and rich.  This whole outfit is actually just made out of fabrics that I purchased at Michaels and Joann Fabrics.  It is a mix of Tulle and wire mesh material.  I wanted to make sure I captured the big collar of the dress, just like the animation.  I just decided to play around with it and it came out like a dress.  The entire outfit cost less than $20.

Disney's Evil Queen

The Evil Queen had a golden crown, but I did not want to just get a crown; so I decided to buy this boho head jewelry and added pearl pins ( used for wedding invites ) to add to the look.  We worked with VIcky Vee again on this shoot ( because she is one amazingly talented hairstylist ) and she decided to add the pearls in her hair to make the whole hairstyle look like a crown.  This is all Maria’s hair that Vicky braided up top.

Disney's Evil Queen

For the make up I wanted to keep the same look as the Evil Queen from Disney.  We worked with another amazing MUA, Larke Hasstedt and she used a lot of plum/bronze color palette on Maria.

The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen

MIRROR MIRROR on the wall

The main thing we wanted to have was a vintage frame to act like the, “magic mirror,” she owned.  We went to the Melrose Trading Post ( local swap meet ) last Sunday and was lucky enough to snag this beauty.

mirror: $30


The Evil Queen

This is my favorite of the whole shoot.  It’s not photoshoped or anything.  It took about 5 tries but we got her perfectly like she was inside the mirror itself.

The Evil Queen

We had a vision in our mind for The Evil Queen and it came out exactly how we wanted it to be; actually it came out better.  I want to thank Maria, Vicky, Larke and Justin for being part of the team.  We had such an awesome time shooting this.  I hope you guys will enjoy the last villain of this installment.  The next 2 weeks, we will start sharing the Princesses.

Photographer: Luis Guanzon


creative director/costume design/style: Anne Guanzon


model: Maria Foti

make up: Larke Hasstedt

hair: Vicky Vee


assistant: Justin De Guzman


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