” Ursula ” by BeMoreMedia and TravelAnneStyle


Ursula is a part human / part octopus sea witch that, “helps,” the unfortunate merfolk achieve their goals, with her motives at the forefront.  She is Disney’s famous villain that made a deal with  Ariel; ( The Little Mermaid ) she agreed to turn her  into a human for three days.  If Ariel can receive the, “kiss of true love,” from Prince Eric before sunset on the third day, her transformation will be permanent. However, if Ariel fails, she will turn back into a mermaid and belong to Ursula forever. But there’s always a price, and in this case, Ariel will have to pay Ursula with her voice to gain her human legs.

As part of the beauty editorial series we have planned for this summer we wanted to share the second villain, Ursula.  For this photo-shoot we worked with one of the most talented and sought after dancers in LA, Ms. Carlena Britch.  She is an artist of many talents; from dance/choreography,  make up, hair, style, and nail art; she has a TON going for her!




Capturing Ursula in a high end couture look without loosing her tentacles? No problem! We just went to a fabric store and grabbed a sequined fabric that was still light enough to flow. We cut it 6 times to add the illusion of Ursula’s tentacles and added tulle to add texture and fullness to her bottom.

outfit details: Tulle, Sequined fabrics

Vintage Corset

Necklace: Vintage pearls and Jcrew

Rings: Vintage and David Yurman



Carlena did her own make up and she also customized her nails.  Check out her website



Ursula had white hair, but I didn’t want it that way.  So I thought, why not just add a strip of white to Carlena’s hair.  We had help from one awesome hairstylist in LA, Vicky Vee.  She attached 3 strips of white synthetic hair and styled Carlena’s hair to make it match the, “Ursula,” look.


check out Vicky’s work at http://www.styleseat.com/vickyvee


We had a blast with this photo-shoot and we would like to thank Carlena, Vicky, and Justin!  Your help and expertise was greatly appreciated.  I hope you guys like this second editorial of our 6 look series that we will be releasing throughout the first part of this summer.

Photo Cred: Luis Guanzon http://www.BeMoreMedia.com


Creative Director/Costume Design: Anne Guanzon http://www.TravelAnneStyle.com


Model/Makeup: Carlena Britch  instagram.com/carlenabritch

nails: http://www.LadyDangerNails.com

Hairstyle: Vicky Vee instagram.com/_vickyvee_

assistant: Justin De Guzman http://www.justindeguzman.com

** Be sure to check out our Maleficent shoot

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