“MALEFICENT” by TravelAnneStyle and BeMoreMEdia!!!!!!

maleficent angelina jolie

( photo cred: Disney Maleficent )


Maleficent is known to be one of the most sinister Disney villains.  She is a character from Sleeping Beauty who curses baby Princess Aurora on her christening day; cursed so that on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel that plummets her into a deep sleep for all of eternity. The only thing that can break the spell is to be awakened by her one true love.

I have seen Angelina Jolie’s pictures  all over LA and I can’t imagine anyone else better to play Maleficent.   It gave me inspiration to do a series of beauty editorial shoots and we wanted to share with you this first set of the series since the movie is coming out in less than 2 weeks.

So for this photo shoot/blog, I wanted to bring out Maleficent.  The couture side of her and what it would be like if BeMoreMEdia actually did her editorial.  For this shoot, we worked with one of the talented artists here in LA., Valentina Azul (www.facebook.com/valentinaazul ).  She is one of the make up artist and hairstylist that we go to for our clients.  She is also a costume designer, and she actually did the headpiece/ outfit.



The castle in the background is actually from our trip to France ( Le Mont St Michel ) a couple of years ago.  It adds the, “Disney,” look to it.  Check out more amazing landscape photographs at http://www.LuisGuanzon.com



Valentina ( model ) made the headpiece using two cones and wrapped her hair around it, then added the sequins/lace fabric to keep it in place.  For this shot I wanted it to capture Maleficent’s signature green smoke so we lit up about 5 incense  sticks to give it the smokey feel.


We wanted to give this shot more of a cartoon look, so we really angled her features in PhotoShop.


Our M.A.C. Spec AD! M.A.C. has a new line specifically for Maleficent’s look. Visit http://www.maccosmetics.com to check it out!

Valentina had such amazing eyes and we added the green contacts to signify Maleficent’s green skin in Disney animation.  Valentina captured  the look we had in mind for Maleficent.  She is such an amazing artist in all respects.

Make sure you check out the movie.  Maleficent comes out 5.30.2014.

Maleficent for CHANEL
Maleficent for CHANEL

I felt like it would not be an editorial without a luxury brand.  So we decided to do a spec AD for Chanel.  If Maleficent has to carry a bag, it would definitely be this bag; to match her classic style of all black dresses.


This was such a fun shoot.  I can’t believe we were able to turn this idea into reality.  I hope you enjoy the images as much as we had a blast making them.

** photographer: LUIS GUANZON


creative director: ANNE GUANZON


model/mua/costume design: Valentina Azul


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