Social Con Clothing and BeMoreMedia photoshoot…. a lovestory!!!!!

Social Con Clothing and BeMoreMEdia

Social Con Clothing

Take Martin Luther King Jr, Jay-z, Tony Hawk, mix in a little Jackson Pollock, add a dash of Albert Einstein, + a bit of Eckhart Tolle and you get.. Social Con! Great minds know this journey called life is a collective gig. Social Con believes life is a shared experience and what you share matters. What you think, how you feel, and how you act affects our shared experience, co-creating our social consciousness. SC was created to link dope ideas, creativity, fashion, music & lifestyle for a Socially Conscious planet. In the sum of an ever evolving Un1verse, you are the factor for change. SC is here to inspire you [to create a dope life].

We met the creator of Social Con Clothing in LA, “Sayers Club.” The first impression I had of Marcus was, “this dude is not only one awesome DJ, but he got style.” We found out that he actually makes his own clothes; from bowties, cardigans, tees and one all sorts of kind pieces. ALL FROM RECYCLED, ORGANIC materials. We finally linked up and we were able to shoot his Fall Collection a month after we moved here to LA. For this editorial campaign we wanted to link up a few of his pieces and make it into one big story. So we came up with a love story of a couple that come from opposite ends of the social spectrum; a couple in reality people may be quick to judge.

Social Con Clothing and Be More Media

“548 LoveStory”

First look:

” Good VS Bad Judgement “

social con clothing

social con clothing

Social Con clothing

Social Con Clothing

The Conscious Owl Tee (the Owls name is Manu)

We wanted the setting to be on a fire-escape/basement/rooftop.

We wanted the couple to depict the cliche, “bad boy dating a good girl.” we

see a lot of it in movies and books and we all have the same reaction. Society never roots

for such a pair. Being socially conscious means not

judging a book by it’s cover; and at the same time to never let society dictate

your happiness.

second look:

” Perfect Harmony “

social con clothing

Social Con clothing Social Con Clothing and BeMoreMEdia

social con clothing

For this second look, we used the Social Con graphic tees, one of a kind bow tie and cardigan. We wanted to bring out the brand versatility. We wanted this mood to be a bit towards the preppy side. The story continues; after girl brings bad boy home she tends to mold him into what her parents will want. From the outside you see a perfect couple. Girl coming from, “old money,” and everything in life for her is perfectly laid out. But is she really happy? or is He just so in-love with her that He is willing to change for her.

third look:

” Match Made “

social Con clothing

When we see the one of a kind patchwork pieces, we automatically reminisce about the 1920’s. The era of class, luxury and intricate style. The cut and sew pieces is so unique, it is a mix of classic and modern flare.
As the story ends, no matter how different the couple may have been in the beginning, at the end is what really matters. Love can conquer all obstacles and at the end, Mr. bad boy fit right in to her world of glam.


Photo cred:

styled/makeup/creative director:

hairstyle: Vicky


Social Con CLothing DTLA

Niko, a female hip hop artist in LA.

social con clothing

Sean, a well known DJ in LA that has played for Eve, Jamie Foxx to name a few…. and even for the Victoria Secrets’ spring event.

marcus of social clothing

The man behind the clothes, Marcus.


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