Where the Sky meets the Earth… Monument Valley!!!!


Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park UTAH


Welcome to the 8th wonder of the world. Monument Valley (Navajo: Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii, meaning valley of the rocks) is located on the Arizona and Utah state line. It is characterized by its unique sandstone formations, mesas and buttes. The valley lies within the range of the Navajo Nation which is one of the largest native american reservations in the US. The monuments in the park have descriptive names of which were assigned by the early settlers of the valley. The top picture shows the East and West Mittens and the smaller one is called the Merrick butte.



The weather was actually not too bad; it was hot but not humid. The only problem is that it can get a bit dusty, especially since there were alot of cars. They only had one loop, so everytime you pass a car, it gets dusty. Wearing white may have been a bad idea but with the pictures, it is perfect; you stand out against the red dirt of the valley.

outfit details: Chambray by Madewell, white shorts by Target, Tank by Jcrew and hiking boots by Timberland. I am not a fan of the boots in terms of the way they look, but they are the most comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned. It’s rough walking along those dunes and trails; Hiking boots are your best friend despite how they truly aren’t that fashionable.




See what I mean; If I was wearing something earthy toned then, I would just blend right in.



It is so grand that pictures doesn’t do it any justice.


We were able to visit one of the Navajo Villages during our tour. This is called a, “hogan,” which means home. It is made of clay and Juniper tree. We went inside and met one of the villager’s.




A traditional Navajo Village

Hogans are generally divided into two categories, male (or forked-stick hogans) and female. Male hogans tended to be smaller, roughly conical structures serving primarily ritual purposes while domestic activities took place within the larger rounded female hogan.


The Eye of the SUN..


It truly is a shape of an Eye..



Can you see the hieroglyphs? They are at least from 400-450AD. Some Navajo tribes visited this part of the valley and marked their stay using animal drawings to represent each tribe. The bigger the animal, the bigger the size of the tribe.



The tallest one is called the Totem Pole.




Photo of the monuments and the only road that can take you around the valley. The road was made in 1939 when the very first western movie with John Wayne was shot here called, “Stagecoach.” The other list of movies shot here were Forrest Gump, Mission Impossible 2, Cars, Lone Ranger, Cayote&RoadRunner, Transformer 2, and so many more that I still need to see.


I realized that we never had a picture together in our travels. So I wanted to take one for this trip since this was probably the most breathtaking view we have ever seen.. He has taken this Brixton hat all over the world.

hat: Urban Outfitters


Photos taken and edited using Nokia Lumia 1020.
Photo cred: Me and Hubby

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