Concrete JUNGLE…. central park NYC

Central Park NYC fountain


A public park at the center of the best city in the world, Manhattan in NYC.  The park opened in 1857 on about 800 acres of city owned land.  This park has appeared in countless movies and shows.   The American Indians sold this island for various beads and trinkets worth about $16-18 in early  1600’s.  If I invented the DeLorean time machine,  I would pick this date and buy this land for myself.  How amazing would that be to own NYC?..

Last weekend, I was able to be the second shooter again for my hubby.  I wanted to share some of the photos I took that weekend.

( of course the ones of me in it was shot by my hubby )

central park NYC

central park NYC

central park NYC

This was the exact location where Charlotte and Harry from SATC shot their, “wedding announcement,” photo for the NY sunday newspaper.

central park NYC fountain

The famous fountain.  The only movie I could think of that was shot here was, “Enchanted,” with Amy Adams.

central park NYC

The main entrance of the park.  Lined with trees and wooden benches on each side.

Central Park NYC fountain

If you loved Gossip Girl, then you should recognize this location.  This was where Blair and Chuck got married.

central park

central park NYC

Central Park used to be the vacation spots for most of the NYC residents.  You can find all different people from all walks of life here; and witness different acts/shows/classes/artist and so on all over the park.

central park NYC central park

Random people dancing in the streets.

central park nyc central park

Ballroom classes held at the park.

central park NYC

Balloon man for the kids.

central park NYC   central park

Hubby: Family photo-shoot

central park lake

Outfit details:

Chambray/shorts: Madewell1937

White tank: Gap

Camera: Canon

rebecca Minkoff

My favorite summer bag: Rebecca Minkoff Craig Camera Bag

5th ave NYC

The famous 5th AVE.

bergdorf and goodman

One of my favorite store besides Barney’s NY.  Bergdorf and Goodman which is also a sister company to Neiman Marcus.

window display

window display: Bergdorf and Goodman

window display

Chanel Fall Collection 2013

window display: Bergdorf and Goodman

If it wasn’t for the winter season, I would have picked NYC as the city to move to.  It is still my favorite city. Maybe one day, I can be brave enough to fight the cold weather and might actually move there.

Photo cred: Me and Luis Guanzon

edited by: Luis Guanzon and


3 thoughts on “Concrete JUNGLE…. central park NYC

  1. I love NYC! Definitely my favorite city to visit in the USA. I enjoyed your photos and your unique perspective. Traveling vicariously with you has been a grand adventure, Anne. Thank you.

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