90’s Revival!!!!!!!!!!

Nostalgic for the 90’s

 I may love the 80’s but I’m a 90’s kid.  Who can forget Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Blossom, the original 90210, Clarrisa Explains It All, Saved by the Bell and Dawson’s Creek.   I felt a bit nostalgic for the 90’s when I started seeing overalls popping out all over.   When ZARA had their summer sale last week I couldn’t help but buy a pair.  I used to owned one in HS from Calvin Klein, then after college graduation I decided to donate it. The 9o’s era has definitely come back with a vengeance.  From grungy tees, combat boots, neon colors, and floral floor length dresses;  to my 90’s kids, don’t be afraid to dig out some of your old stuff from the attic and re wear!  Nineties style is back on for 2013 and hopefully it will stay for a little bit longer.  So for this post, I wanted to share my 3 favorite 90’s trends, and style them with a mix of 2013.



Proenza Schouler

Overalls: ZARA

White tank: Express

Strappy heels: Proenza Schouler ca: 2008

2. GRUNGE ( refined )

refined GRUNGE

90's style in 2013 GRUNGE

Flannel: GAP (men)

Jeans: Madewell1937


Pumps: Christian Louboutin


90's style revival

cut offs

Docs and 90's style

Boots: Dr.Martens

Shorts: Hollister

Top: JCrew

Necklace: Jcrew

Now  I want to throw a 90’s themed party!!

Photo cred: http://www.LuisGuanzon.com


stores: http://www.ZARA.com






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