a true ARTist…… Luis Guanzon!!!

new york city

” Choose a job you LOVE, and you will never have to work a day in your life “

– Confucius

It is very rare to know what we want to do in life…and rarer to actually do it for a living.  Some people are very blessed to do what they love and love what they do.  I want to dedicate this post to my ultimate artist, my husband, Luis Guanzon.

20130430-115913.jpg                           20130430-120003.jpg


A photographer..

Collections of his old work and my favorites:

baby Chloe


5DM33377edited 1









20130430-122824.jpg             20130430-122902.jpg

a Producer

20130430-122929.jpg 20130430-122939.jpg

 A Director

20130430-123422.jpg  20130430-123238.jpg

( First music video he directed/produced ” Not Her Type ” with artist Julian Roso )

check out http://www.JulianRoso.com for the video.

He is the most talented person that I know.   But he is also the most persistent.   He works hard to get to where he is.  Talent is not enough.  You have to work hard and be better than you are.  If he wants to learn something new, he finds a way to learn it.  I have learned a lot from him in so many ways.  He taught me to open up my eyes and to take that risk.  I always give excuses to not follow my passion, but I know it’s just fear in failing.  But really, we can’t fail unless we never try or give up.  We should never let fear or doubt stop us from doing something we love.  I think God gave us so much talent and it is up to us to find it and use it.   My husband is an example. He is an amazing photographer/dj/director/producer/songwriter.

Landscape Photography is an art.  It allows you to capture the beauty God created.  This is truly my husband’s forte.  Not only does he capture it but also creates a story of his photos.

Collections of his landscape photos and my favorites:


( Redwoods Northern California )


( Poipu Beach Kauai Hawaii )


( Eiffel Tower Paris France )


( Colosseum Rome Italy )

Mont St MIchel France

( Le Mont St Michel France )


For more landscape photography check out his online gallery @ http://www.LuisGuanzon.com and if interested in purchasing his work check out http://www.BeMoreMedia.com.


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