Avenue of the Giants…….REDWOODS!!!!

redwood forest

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Avenue of the Giants

I had a pleasure to visit the Redwoods in Northern California. I have always wanted to see these gentle giants. They are the oldest and tallest trees in the entire world. They stand from 200-350 ft with diameters of 10 to 15 feet but the widest measured with the circumference of 52 feet. The Coastal Redwoods can live up to 2000 years old. They got the name from the color of their bark and heartwood.

Redwood Forest redwoods red jacket with the redwoods

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Red on REDwoods!

I was not at all prepared for this photo-shoot. I wish I packed a nice cobalt or even red flowy dress. I was lucky enough that I packed this red Zara jacket last minute. If I was not wearing anything bright you probably would not see me at all.

This was at Humboldt Redwood State Park. This was the Avenue of the Giants; the world-famous scenic drive of highway 101. This is the largest remaining strand of virgin Redwoods in the world. This is where we saw the 2nd tallest tree ( Rockefeller forest ) measuring at 320 feet.


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Baubles and RED

red jacket

I was a hobbit compared to the trees. Being here makes you forget about the outside world. You can really appreciate how amazing God is, HE created all of these beautiful giants for us. Pictures does not do it any justice. If you get a chance to visit California, make sure you have enough time to see this place.

(Outfit details: Jacket by Zara, Cardi by Jcrew, Cords by Jcrew, Necklace by Jcrew )

image of redwood ( hole )

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Chandelier Tree redwood tree

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Chandelier Tree at the Drive Thru Tree Park located in Leggett California. The hole was carved in the 1930s. You can actually drive through with your car but we decided not to since we had a rental.

Outfit details: Jacket by JCrew, Vest by Zara, Plaid shirt by JCrew, Cords by Jcrew, and boots by DrMartens

black and white of the redwood

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As I was standing in the Redwood Forest all I could hear was nature. It was so quiet it actually spooked me a bit.. we could of run into Yogi and his friends.. (lol)… But we were lucky enough that we didn’t see any bears that day.

Redwood forest

My favorite shot of the day.

redwood forest

How to get here from San Francisco.

You can take route 1 all the way to Humboldt county. Once you get closer, Rt 1 changes to Rt 101, from there you will see the exit for Avenue of the Giants.

Tips: We visited in March. The weather was unpredictable. It was cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. I would recommend to wear layers and of course comfortable shoes.

Photo Cred: Luis Guanzon @ http://www.LuisGuanzon.com and http://www.BeMoreMedia.com


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