SPRING for LESS!!!!!!!

White tank and jeans

Why did I start a blog?

Why not?!! Just like any other girl out there I love  fashion.  I wanted to keep a compilation of things I did, I loved and places I have visited.  For this post, I wanted to see if I could execute a photo-shoot and control the look of it.  If you have seen any of my older posts, you would know I am a little obsessed with JCREW; and that is what inspired me to style this shoot.  I wanted a natural and fun look. So I chose 4 girls I knew, and decided to style them.  I even decided to do their make up as well.  Ever since I took the class with Raychel Wade in NYC,  I fell in love with make up.  I never knew that I could actually do it.  It’s pretty intimidating and nerve racking.  Some people are very picky and skeptical with other people doing their make up.  This is also one of the reasons I wanted this photo-shoot.  So I can start my own portfolio and eventually do make up more often; especially in this setting.  I asked my husband to be my photographer that day. He captured what I had in mind perfectly.

For this shoot I asked the girls to come in and wear their favorite pair of jeans.  I provided the tops, shoes, and accessories.   I purchased the tops from H&M and the shoes from Target.  I wanted to have a budget of less than $12 for the top and less than $50 for the shoes.  I believe that great style does not have to come with an expensive price tag.



Natasha in  H&M

Make up/headshot

Natasha wearing white top from H&M and Neon Heels from PRABAL GURUNG for Target

Necklace from my own collection


Melissa floating                     travelannestyle_Melissa_005_with text

Melissa wearing striped shirt from H&M and nude ballet flats from H&M

Red Coral bangles from my own collection




Rachel wearing black tunic from H&M and Neon strappy heels by PRABAL GURUNG for TARGET




Alyssa wearing top from H&M and Mossimo oxfords from Target

Necklace from my collection.

SPRING for LESS!!!!!!…..

Thanks to Natasha, Rachel, Melissa and Alyssa for trusting me to make you look like models.  We did this photo-shoot in 8 hours. The girls did an amazing job and thanks to my husband for capturing this for me.

Be sure to check back soon. My next entry will go into what I used for their make up.

Photo Cred: wwww.BEMOREMEDIA.com


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