The Lost World!


The Lost World also known as Camiguin Island is located in the southern part of the Philippines. We had the opportunity to visit this beautiful island last summer ( 2011 ). I love the beach!!! This place has one of the best white sand beaches I’ve ever seen. It is located 90 kilometers or 40 miles north from the city of Cagayan De Oro in Mindanao.  You can take a ferry from the main island to Camiguin and it takes about 10-15mins.


This is the famous white sand bar located 2 kilometers off the coast of Mambajao Town in Camiguin. It disappears during high tide.


This is the sunken Cemetery located in BonBon Catarman Camiguin. This community cemetery sunk during an 1871 volcanic eruption of the island’s only active volcano Mt Hibok Hibok. This is popular amongst divers because they are still able to see the tombstones underwater.


We stayed at one of the local B&B/Fisheries.  They had the freshest seafood and the best view! You wake up and see the sun rise from your porch. It felt homey and very comfortable.  This is one of the best untouched islands of the country and has the most hospitable people.


The island provides food for its people. This is a picture of the locals during low tide searching for what the ocean has for them at dinnertime.

Outfit details: Fedora and tunic by Jcrew. Aviators by RayBans.

Photo Cred: Luis Guanzon @


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